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Let's talk about a few of the more popular degree options for today's high school graduating class.

Criminal justice is an area that has really taken off in the last decade. Criminal justice is a broad term that can refer to either short training programs for people interested in working in private security or local law enforcement, or full four-year degree programs for individuals who aspire to work for the Secret Service, CIA or FBI. Look into career options in criminal justice.

Most students enroll in a traditional college and strive to earn an undergraduate degree. Most undergraduate degrees require four years to complete, but some eager students are able to complete their degree in less time by taking some pre-college courses while in high school. Even though the cost of a college education continues to rise dramatically, earning a bachelor's degree is a great step to take. Bachelor's degree is an example of a site that can get your started.

A career in design is also appealing to many young students. Design graduates can work in many areas, but most students need to decide between graphic arts, fashion design or interior design. All design majors need to bring with them a creative sense and artistic skill in order to be successful in design. A college can't teach you be be creative. Learn about design education possibilities in Colorado.

If you desire to get out of Colorado a little bit to attend school, but you don't want to end up too far away, you can consider Arizona. You may end up in Tucson, but more than likely you'll be in the greater Phoenix metro, which includes Tempe, Mesa and Scottsdale. See more about schools in Arizona.

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