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A trade or vocational school can be a pretty good option for a lot of students who know they want to work in one specific trade or skilled service industry. Local vocational schools can provide you with the exact training you need to secure your first job, without making you sit through multiple general education courses in subjects you aren't interested in.

Specific vocational training is typically delivered at the local level, however some forward thinking schools are developing online options for providing training via the Web. Many skills require hands-on learning, so they aren't completely suited for learning by watching on a computer, but some of the material and training can be delivered this way. And some students actually prefer to learn by working by themselves at home in front of their computer. Check into online school options for trade education.

One specialty career that only a small segment of students consider is interior design. Interior design graduates can work for design firms, large retailers or start their own one-person interior design consulting firm. Interior designers need to be creative, have a great eye for color and detail, and understand architecture. Designers will work with both residential customers as well as commercial clients. Find out more about interior design options in Colorado.

Another state to consider going to college in is Tennessee. While not usually at the top of most high school seniors' list, Tennessee does offer some good and affordable colleges in Nashville and Memphis. You can check out the school scene in Tennessee.

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