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If you're a student in Colorado, you may have considered enrolling at the University of Denver, but you have other options. Check out our search tool to see some of these options:

If you are interested in a trade or service job, it's possible that you can locate a local vocational or trade school that can get you trained quickly in the occupation you are looking for. The main feature of these schools is they typically take one year or less to complete, which saves the student a lot of money in tuition and much less of an investment in their time. Check out some of the vocational and trade choices you have.

One career area that is growing in popularity in Colorado and other states is the culinary arts. Cooking and culinary training classes are filling up every semester as students enroll with the expectation of becoming tomorrow's next famous chef. Initial culinary arts training can be fairly short, allowing the graduate to start working in a restaurant and making a salary. Check out some culinary training options in Colorado.

Once you have your bachelor's degree, you can always go on to earn a master's degree. While most master's degree programs require a bachelor's degree in the same field, master's degree programs in business don't require one, they merely require a series of prerequisite courses in various areas such as economics, accounting and statistics. Learn more about which schools are offering degree programs for Colorado students.

Maybe you want to go to school out of state. The Big Ten schools are a popular destination for high school seniors. The typical Big Ten school is a big public institution located in a mid-sized upper Midwest city. One exception to this is the University of Minnesota which is located right in the heart of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul. Check out Minnesota colleges.

San Francisco is another option. The Bay Area is home to several good colleges. It's a great city to live in and go to school. Check out schools in the Bay Area.

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